A note from Rudy & Christie...

We began this  online radio show & podcast in an effort  to continue on with the vision of Patrick Myers "The Voice of Put-in-Bay," who began WPIB with much enthusiasm and love for his community and island home. We keep it family-friendly & upbeat, as Patrick would've wanted. (We also think we're funny.)

Patrick Myers Scholarship

Donate to the Put-in-Bay School Scholarship by sending a check to:

Put-in-Bay School C/O Patrick Myers Scholarship Fund

PO BOX 659

Put-in-Bay OH 43456

Patrick took his own life June 2019 and many who knew him had no idea of the depth of his darkness. He was very artistic, full of energy and had such a sharp wit!  And his sense of humor! He loved to laugh with us. Rudy and Christie hope his choice to commit suicide will PREVENT others from doing the same. The Radio Co-hosts also believe bringing awareness to suicide and mental health issues, can help others who may be putting on a "brave face" to the world, when inside,  may be feeling the deep darkness.

If you are feeling hopeless and severe sadness, please let someone know. If you're having thoughts of suicide, then contact the Suicide Prevention Lifeline 


or click on their website and receive an online chat at

There is ALWAYS someone who will listen.

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